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Our Facility

Colorado Adventure Point is a two-story, 20,000 square foot facility designed to bring discovery, learning, and creation into the lives of as many young Coloradoans as possible. The facility was designed around the core idea of experiential education: the belief that challenging, meaningful experiences are the most effective teaching method for any subject. With a look through the website, or a visit to our facility, you’ll quickly find that CAP is the perfect place for you to find an amazing experience.

Our facility is divided into the main Adventure Zones below, but CAP experiences and classes often combine several Zones to create the best possible event. Colorado Adventure Point has been described as the best educational toy box in the world. How will you combine our resources to make your perfect adventure?

To learn more about each Adventure Zone click through on any of the above areas. Every Zone is equipped to teach challenging curriculum in several skill areas for people of all ages and levels. Our facility was originally designed to teach the 120 merit-badge-based courses we offer, but many groups have found new ways to use our resources and staff to meet their own needs.

Rock Climbing
Boulder, Climb, Rappell

Marksmanship Range
BB Guns, Air Rifle & Pistol

Archery Range
Traditional & Moving Targets

Gold Lab
Art and Fabrication

Green Lab
Sustainability and Nature

Orange Lab
STEM & Design

Blue Lab
Life Skills

Instructional Kitchen

Development Center

Gear Reserve


Outdoor Adventure Zone

Colorado Adventure Point Staff

Instructional Rock Gym

The Colorado Adventure Point Instructional Rock Gym offers ten different two-story-tall climbing runs, two crack climbs, over 60 feet of horizontal bouldering, and two walk-over rappelling stations. Custom built Sky Anchors allow us to train youth in rappelling without the fear of the first jump over the edge. Our facility also allows youth to learn and practice lead climbing while being safely top rope belayed.

Rock Gym Rappelling Station Rock Gym Instruction Rock Gym Slack Line Rock Gym Climbing Wall

Marksmanship Ranges

The upper floor of Colorado Adventure Point offers an eight-lane shooting range with BB guns for elementary aged youth, air rifles for middle and high school students, and air pistols for ages 14+. Our ranges allow adjustable distances, qualification shooting for National Rifle Association (NRA) marksmanship awards, and are designed with safety as a top priority. Instruction focuses on safety, understanding, and proper handling and use of all types of guns. This room can also have all shooting equipment stowed and function as an open fitness studio or meeting space.

Marksmanship Range Air Rifles Marksmanship Range Target Practice Marksmanship Range Rifles

Archery Ranges

Colorado Adventure Point features an eight-lane indoor archery range, with top-quality recurve bows sized for all ages and ability. A carefully designed space allows for archery instruction and games based on distance, locations, and two hanging, moving targets. Bowstring and arrow making equipment allow instruction of all aspects of this ancient discipline found throughout the world.

Archery targets Archery Cub Scout Archery Flexing Bow

Gold Lab – Art & Fabrication

The Gold Lab is where almost anything a young Coloradoan can imagine (or design in our Orange Lab) can be created. This lab provides professional quality tools for leatherworking, woodworking, metalworking, welding, painting, and pottery firing. Through fabrication young people learn about their own ability to create and purposefully add to the world around them.

Gold Lab Leatherwork

Gold Lab Cub Scout

Gold Lab Leatherworking

Green Lab – Sustainability and Nature

Explore the Social and Environmental dimensions of Sustainability through exciting hands on activities and engaging lessons emphasizing critical thinking skills. Following three core themes, Green Lab programs will connect practical applications of Sustainability to Colorado Academic Standards preparing students to become leaders at school, home, and beyond.

Core Themes:

  • Environment – Ecology, Biodiversity, Pollution
  • Community – Food, Culture, Economy
  • Resource Conservation – Soil, Water, Energy
Green Lab Cub Scouts Green Lab Wildlife Items

Green Lab River Geomorphology

Orange Lab – STEM & Design

The Orange Lab is a specialized computer lab that allows youth to explore the principles of programming (on computers and with LEGO Mindstorms), computer aided design, laser cutting, 3D printing, video and picture editing, and other essentials of science, technology, engineering, and math. Programs in this lab allow the creative process to flow, and teaches skills essential for future high-skill job industries.

Orange Lab - STEM and Design - Robotics Orange Lab - STEM and Design - Cub Scouts

Orange Lab - STEM and Design - Robotics

Blue Lab – Life Skills

The Blue Lab is our specialized training room for essential life skills that are often missing from traditional schools. In this lab, students learn a variety of first aid, safety, lifesaving, and emergency skills, as well as personal fitness, finance, and management skills. This is also our lab focused on developing the self-aware citizens needed for a functional democracy. These classes focus of heritage, history, citizenship, and service.

Blue Lab Life Skills Classroom Blue Lab Life Skills Skeleton Blue Lab Life Skills CPR

Instructional Kitchen

Our 900 square foot prep kitchen can host groups of youth at three different work stations. Cooking and food handling are essential life skills, and we can teach the specialized food preparation needed for longer outdoor adventures as well. The kitchen also allows for food prep and serving with our larger banquet events and conferences.

Instructional Kitchen Instructional Kitchen Mixing Ingredients Instructional Kitchen Boy Scouts

Leadership Development Center

Colorado Adventure Point’s LDC is a 6000 square-foot multipurpose room used for conferences, banquets, Courts of Honor, and large classes. Multiple HDMI/VGA ports tie into an integrated projection and speaker system, and a serving window from the kitchen and access to our outdoor Adventure Zone make this room the perfect venue for your next large event.

Leadership Development Center Cake

Leadership Development Center Instruction

Leadership Development Center Layout

Gear Reserve

No adventure can be fully enjoyed without the right equipment. At Colorado Adventure Point, one way we strive to make adventure accessible is through our Gear Reserve. This is our program for collecting, storing, and renting out new and gently used adventure gear like sleeping bags, tents, snow shoes, headlamps, trekking poles, backpacks, and backpacking stoves, and cook kits. Through our Reserve we can outfit school groups, youth groups, and other local groups wanting to expand adventure education.

Gear Reservations

Outdoor Adventure Zone

At Colorado Adventure Point, we know that adventure is in our own backyard. Literally. Attached to our facility is a 5,000 square foot courtyard that includes an outdoor cooking area, a campfire ring, a 16 foot octagonal dodgeball pit, and a test campground for practicing essential skills. This area is used in conjunction with many of our programs, or can be used for your own outdoor adventure.

Outdoor Adventure Garden Summer Outdoor Adventure Garden Ga-ga Pit Outdoor Adventure Garden Winter