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Businesses and individuals can partner with Colorado Adventure Point to help youth become their personal best. If you or your company are interested in helping CAP provide quality adventure education there are several ways you can partner with us.


Individuals who are passionate about any skill, profession, hobby, or field can work with us to develop and teach quality courses. If you believe youth should learn about your area of interest, we’ll work with you to develop a class that meets our educational methods and standards, and lets you share your passion with future generations.  A great place to start is with the current list of merit badges

If your interests overlap with one or more of these areas we’ll have a great place to start. You can also work with us to create advanced versions of badges that already exist. Currently, all classes will be open to boys and girls of the applicable age range. To start a program, or if you have questions, contact our Director of Curriculum.

Case Studies

A Few Clues for a Great Team

Clue Room Denver, the first company to bring live escape games to the Mile High City, operates their northern location our of the Colorado Adventure Point Facility. The Clue Room offers 60 minute live escape games with amazing props, brilliant puzzles, and entertaining themes. In the CAP "Spy Ops" clue room teams work together to solve over 20 puzzles and defuse a "bomb" to foil the enemy's plot. Once you save the day you'll rappel down a 20 foot wall in Adventure Points rock gym and escape to safety. See more here. See their site at theclueroom.com.

Sustainability by Example

John Avenson, the owner and educator for a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) high-efficiency home project, is working with us to share his passion for passive house building standards through a sustainability merit badge course.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Home Project

Dedicated Welder

A Scouter dad who is a professional welder volunteers to teach our welding merit badge course.

Camp Staff Pride

Steve Edwards, the 5-year Shooting Sports Director of Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, designed a week-long marksmanship academy that combined skills from rifle shooting and archery merit badges.

Marksmanship Program

Companies and Universities

Many small businesses and larger companies understand that children are the future citizens, voters, and work force of America and the world. If your company is either involved with or wishes to support innovative education for youth we would love to work with you.

  • If your educational company has specific curriculum or programs, we can work with you to deliver them to the youth of Colorado Adventure Point.
  • If your company supports a specific field or program we’d be glad to have you support our efforts or help fund scholarships for related programs.
  • If your organization supports bright futures, citizenship, character development, or adventure education in any other way we’d love to hear from you.

Case Studies

Jeffco Community Health Improvement Network

Community Network

Colorado Adventure Point is a proud member of the School Wellness committee of the Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Network, working with diverse organizations across the state to “improve the health and well-being of the community.” Learn more.

Professional Robotics Outreach

Deep Space, a work space and event center with an education branch, is working to expand their engineer-directed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) enrichment camps, programming courses, and robotics Rover Rally by hosting Deep Space: Denver courses at Colorado Adventure Point. Learn more.

Deep Space and Robotics Program
Lincoln Welding Programs

The Welding Experts

Lincoln Electric, a strong supporter of Scouting and welding education for youth, generously donated the welders and safety equipment needed for a world class welding merit badge program. Learn more.

Overcome Your Obstacles

Train OC is an expanding Denver company bringing life skill and physical ability training to schools, youth, corporations, and the community through customized obstacle courses. Expect to see Train OC obstacles at Colorado Adventure Point runs and weekend training camps.

Train OC obstacles